Recent Acheivements

Recent Acheivements

Continuing Our Path of Distinction!

 As we continue on our path of distinction, we constantly reflect on the past, present and future operations of the school. We are fortunate to earn your overwhelming support and appreciate your confidence in our vision for the future. Below are a few of the many recent accomplishments we have experienced together.

  • Congratulations to our entire SRL community for being recognized as a Common Sense School! SRL is leading the way in teaching students how to be responsible digital citizents and stay safe on the internet.
  • Our Cardinals continue to soar! This March, four of our students claimed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place rankings in the country and were recognized in the Mathletics Hall of Fame! In addition, our 1st grade class took the 1st Place spot as the top ranked class in the country!!!! Mathletics is a comprehensive mathematics learning tool used by thousands of schools worldwide. We are proud of our teachers and students for their steadfast commitment to excellence!
  • The SRL Science Club participated in a Science Olympiad Invitational. Competing against Science Magnet schools across the state, our St. Rose of Lima team earned four ribbons in two competitive events!
  • SRL is proud of our 38 students from grades 4-7 who were recently invited to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program. These students are in an elite group of nationally recognized students who have achieved academic excellence.
  • Beating the trends in private education, enrollment remains on the rise at St. Rose of Lima, causing a wait list for many grade levels. Thank you for your trust and support.
  • Barry University’s Chemistry Club visited our 4th and 5th grade science classes. These students, under the direction of Dr. Tamara Hamilton, Associate Dean and Professor of Chemistry, worked with our students to complete various hands-on chemistry experiments. The children learned about different chemical reactions and were able to participate in every step of the experiment.
  • Our students and families provided over 500 food items and 300 toys for our community during our Thanksgiving and Christmas drives.
  • Strengthening our partnership with the Miami Shores Police Department, SRL now has an off-duty MSPD Officer on campus while school is in session.
  • SRL alumni continue to soar at our local Catholic high schools! We are pleased to report their recent achievements during the year. Among the 50 SRL graduates at St. Thomas Aquinas HS, 43 students received Honor Roll; with the majority on Principal's List. At Pace High School, 13 of our 19 alumni received either Principal’s or 1st Honors. Go Cardinals!
  • Thanks to the generosity of our parish and local community, all exterior classroom doors were replaced with 16 gauge galvanized commercial steel doors. This project was an important step in our campus-wide security plan.
  • SRL’s inaugural 6th grade service project, SOCKTOBER, was a HUGE success. Our school collected 2,446 pairs of NEW socks (427 pairs over our goal) for the Camillus House!
  • Our new high potential learning program, SOAR, was launched to ensure that ALL students in grades K-5, whether advanced, on level, or in need of intervention/remediation, will have an equal opportunity to learn at his/her potential. Now, small group instruction is scheduled three times per week/40 minutes per session for the entire class with no interruption to core classes, specials or recess. Discretely selected by ability level, each child is working simultaneously in small groups with a member of our SOAR team to enhance fundamental Math and/or Reading skills. Advanced learners also participate in critical thinking activities and above-level content area projects.
  • We are proud of our middle school students who represented SRL at the PACE Academic Olympics! Competing against schools across the Archdiocese, our team placed 2nd overall in the tournament bringing home six 1st place, six 2nd place and four 3rd place individual medals!
  • In collaboration with Chaminade-Madonna High School, spiritual retreats are now scheduled for grades 4 & 5. Students in grades 2 and 4-8 are now offered annual retreat experiences to further enrich each child’s spiritual development.
  • We celebrated the Grand Opening of our daVinci Studio, an innovative STREAM lab that encourages collaboration and learning by design. Students are engaged in programming, coding, building, creating, 3-D printing, designing drones, and so much more!
  • SRL has partnered with Miami Prime Catering to provide exceptional food service for our students, faculty and staff. A variety of meals are served daily, offering healthy food options and a balanced diet.
  • One of our middle school students was recently selected as the State Merit Winner for Florida in the 2019 3M Young Scientist Challenge! He was selected as the top entry among all otherFloridaresident submissions.
  • We have expanded our middle school program to offer 7th grade Honors Algebra & 8th Grade Honors Geometry for early high school credit. This expansion has enhanced our learning environment so all students can reach their fullest potential in a setting that is comfortable yet stimulating, even for the most advanced learner.
  • Our afterschool program has recently expanded to include services for our youngest Cardinals. Now, students enrolled in our 3-yr old program will be able to take advantage of our afterschool care offered between 3-6pm.
  • For the first time in SRL history, we have established an Athletic Awards Night to recognize those students who represent our school as student athletes. We are extremely proud of the numerous accomplishments achieved by our coaches and athletes. Go Cardinals!
  • Congratulations to our 6th and 7th grade students for their wonderful achievement at the C-M Lions Scholastic Competition! Competing against Catholic Schools across the Archdiocese of Miami, we're honored to share that our students were recognized with the following awards: 2nd Place- 6th Grade Art, 2nd Place-7th Grade Drama, 1st Place- 7th Grade English, 2nd Place- 6th Grade Math, 3rd Place- 7th Grade Social Studies, 2nd Place - 7th Grade Social Studies, and 2nd Place- 7th Grade Religion.
  • SRL brings back Drama for middle school! Students were able to showcase their talent at the Miami Theatre Center as they performed music from Broadway and a Midsummer Night’s Dream! This year’s elective options included Acting, as well as, Stagecraft & Design. We also expanded our Fine Arts program by initiating Band as a daytime elective. Over 70 students are currently enrolled in the band. SRL is a great place for artists to grow!
  • Numerous new service projects/activities have been initiated this school year to include a Middle School Service Retreat with the Sisters of the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus & Mary, weekly food collections for the poor and less fortunate, 4th Grade’s Meals of Hope project packaging over 6,000 meals, and much more!
  • Cardinal athletic teams have had undefeated seasons, several championships and a school record. Both boys and girls JV basketball teams finished 1st in their division, the boys had an undefeated season and the girls finished 7-1. The boys’ varsity basketball team finished their regular season as the ACC Division 2A runner-up and made St. Rose of Lima history as they won the ACC Tournament of Champions.  This is the first time SRL has won this prestigious award.  Both boys and girls varsity volleyball teams made it to the playoffs with the girls coming out on top as the ACC Division 2A champs!  Boys’ varsity soccer had an amazing regular season heading into playoffs and came home honored to be titled the ACC 2A runner-up.  The trophies kept coming as the boys and girls varsity flag football teams headed into playoffs on April 13th.  Both teams came out strong in the semifinals each earning a spot in the finals.  In the end the boys finished as the ACC 2A runner-up and the girls came out on top clinching the ACC 2A championship trophy.  This has been the most successful year for Cardinal athletics in school history!  We would like to extend a huge thank you and congratulations to SRL Athletic Director Daniel Ocampo, team coaches and the SRL student athletes.
  • With over 500 guests in attendance, SRL hosted our Family STREAM Expo to showcase the amazing work being completed cross-curricular in the classrooms by our teachers and students.
  • We're thrilled to share that our middle school students experienced great success at this year's county Science Fair! Three students received an Honorable Mention, five students received Excellent ratings, and two of our Cardinals won the privilege to compete in the nationally recognized Broadcom Masters competition! This means that they are part of the top 10% of middle school science fair projects in the United States. The competition rewards up to $25,000 in honor of STEM excellence. Congratulations to our students and Ms. Mesidor!
  • We congratulate four of our 8th grade students on being named Veritas Scholars by St. Thomas Aquinas High School. These incredible students scored in the 90th percentile or HIGHER on the HSPT (High School Placement Test) and recently received their awards at a ceremony held at St. Thomas.
  • Two of our students were invited to represent SRL at the Miami Herald Spelling Bee. Both students excelled, with one contestent making it all the way to the TOP 10 of the county!
  • We have successfully reopened our PreK3 for our youngest Cardinals and their families. This fun and educational new program for our 3-year olds has captured much attention in our community and we now have a growing wait list for this grade level.
  • A behavioral management program, Conscious Discipline, has been introduced and steadily incorporated across our primary grade levels. Conscious Discipline is a leader in classroom management and provides a transformational, whole-school solution for social-emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation.
  • Our 8th Grade students have been paired with our 2nd Graders as Faith Friends. Each week, our Faith Friends come together to attend weekly mass, participate in various activities, and share in friendship and faith as they prepare for their Sacraments.
  • Our 3rd Grade students have been paired with our Kindergarten students as Reading Buddies. On a monthly basis, these new buddies gather together to read stories to each other. This new program helps foster confidence in reading, leadership, friendship, and family.
  • Additional afterschool STREAM Clubs have been launched to provide further enrichment activities to our students. Currently 150+ students are taking advantage of these new opportunities!
  • SRL received an “Exemplary” rating by Catapult Learning during this year’s Operational Vitality Visitation.
  • In our ongoing effort to differentiate instruction and challenge all learners, SRL has successfully launched Mathletics, IXL and Accelerated Reader school-wide.
  • Computer and iPad stations have been installed in all K-5 classrooms. These devices are being incorporated into our center activities and across the curriculum in many enriching ways, including the use of digital portfolios via SeeSaw.
  • Individualized learning plans for students with specific learning needs have been developed and implemented across all grade levels.
  • Proactive and positive behavioral programs including Conscious Discipline, Student of the Month Awards, Middle School Raffle Ticket System, Golden Spatula Award, etc, have been launched to recognize outstanding student conduct. A full-time Behavioral Specialist has been added to our staff to provide further support to our teachers, students and their families.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School is united in the Holy Eucharist to serve God and each other with humility and love. We embrace cultural diversity with a passionate commitment to our Catholic faith, family and academic excellence so all students may reach their God-given potential.


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