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Our Patron Saint

st rose of limaSt. Rose of Lima (1586-1617)

Saint Rose of Lima is the virgin patroness born in Lima, Peru April 20th, 1586. She died in Lima on August 23rd, 1617. At her confirmation in 1597, she took the name of Rose, because, as a child, her face had been transformed by a mystical rose. As a child she was remarkable in her great reverence and love for all things relating to God. This resulted in her giving her life to Him in prayer. She had an intense devotion to the infant Jesus and His Blessed Mother. She was obedient to her parents instruction, to her studies, and to her domestic work which included sewing.

Our Lord revealed Himself to her frequently, flooding her soul with peace and joy. At times she offered to Him all her penances in exchange for offenses against His Divine Majesty, for her country, for the conversion of sinners, and for souls in purgatory. Many miracles followed her death.

She was beatified by Clement IX, in 1667, and canonized in 1671 by Clement X, the first American to be so honored. Her feast is celebrated August 23rd. She is represented wearing a crown of roses.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School is united in the Holy Eucharist to serve God and each other with humility and love. We embrace cultural diversity with a passionate commitment to our Catholic faith, family and academic excellence so all students may reach their God-given potential.


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